Product PlanningStratamar is a western North Carolina marketing consultancy. We have been in business for 20 years, helping businesses with marketing strategy and tactics, creating  and implementing marketing plans, product development, market analysis, training, and internet marketing.

How can you tell when you might need outside assistance? What is your business problem du jour?

  • Are sales of your products stagnating?
  • Do you see fewer and fewer prospects becoming customers? Or, are you just seeing fewer and fewer prospects?
  • Is your sales force competing on price instead of on business or product quality?
  • Does each employee know your marketing strategy?
  • Is your company running day-to-day instead of being focused on the future?
  • Does your Marketing Department need training in advertising, product development, or research?
  • Do you really know why your customers purchase from you instead of from your competitors?
  • Do you react to competitors instead of making them react to you?
  • Are lean hiring approaches hurting your ability to create and launch new products and services?
  • What is the one thing that could put you out of business within 1 year?

All of these are clues that your marketing approach needs re-examination and improvement.

There is no shortage of case studies to show that arbitrarily reducing marketing does not save money; rather, it almost ensures that your sales will lag your peer group. Your real focus should be to make sure you are only spending for marketing that will result in sales, whether they are tomorrow or next year. With the proper coordination and oversight, it may well be possible to decrease your marketing spend per dollar of sales.

Stratamar’s goal is not to win awards, but instead to help you attract more sales and profits at a lower marginal cost than traditional marketing approaches.

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