Examples of Specific Achievements


February, 2014 publication of an ebook: “Bank Product Development in Emerging Markets: A How-To Approach”. Distributed via Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon. It was written after I conducted dozens of product development training classes with banks in the developing markets of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Republic of Georgia, Vietnam, and Bangladesh. Most of those training classes went well, and we usually came out of them with multiple good new product ideas for the banks involved. But, there was always a sense of frustration among those involved that there was insufficient time to truly understand the development process. Everybody wants to jump straight to product suggestions, but that is only going to work as long as the consultant is there for the training class. Once the consultant leaves, if the bank has not also been left with a total understanding of the process, then the development function will never be ingrained into the bank’s culture. Soon, they will again be behind the development curve.

Baku, Azerbaijan

  • increase in year-to-year deposit inflows of 34% at NBC Bank
  • 57% increase in deposits, in 3 months, at Atra Bank
  • created and launched implementation of 3-5 year strategic and tactical marketing plans at three banks
  • developed and completed training of marketing departments at all five banks in research, analysis, advertising and promotion, and web site optimization
  • created cost analysis and tactical implementation plan to launch mobile banking at Royal Bank of Baku

Regional Bank, Ohio

  • Developed and executed a new financial adviser program and acted as the sales manager to 13 Counselors, growing collective portfolios to $500 million
  • Reduced small business account acquisition costs by 60% by developing and executing an ongoing direct marketing effort.
  • Developed and executed a marketing effort that brought Huntington from fourth to first place in commercial banking penetration and perception survey in one year, while bringing in over $13 million in new earning assets.

Regional Bank, Indiana

  • Capped five-year sales effort with acquisition of new municipal banking relationship with balances exceeding $21 million.
  • Created new products and promotional efforts to take advantage of marketplace needs in cash management, electronic commerce, auto floor plans, small ticket leasing, variable rate retail CDs, and checking account debit cards.

Marketing Implementation Examples

Ohio Regional Bank

The commercial business areas of Huntington were graded in the second tier of Columbus banks by business owners in the biannual Greenwich survey. The low grades were primarily the result of low visibility, lack of calling, and perceived lack of competitive products.

Working with the line of business heads for business banking ($3 – 10 million annual sales) and commercial banking (over $10 million annual sales), I created a multi-pronged campaign featuring the following:

  • Creation of a specialty premium and packaging. These packages were hand-delivered to nearly 1,000 non-customer CFOs and CEOs over the course of two months. Commercial lenders were assigned to each recipient for follow-up within 2 days. The lender team achieving the highest percentage of securing a meeting with the premium recipient received travel and cash incentives.
  • Creation and launch of monthly mailings to some 3,000 commercial clients and customers, featuring various fee-based services.
  • Creation and placement of a series of ads specifically targeted at women entrepreneurs, triggered by Columbus being named as a top-10 city for women business owners.
  • Creation, with auditing and the small business LOB manager, of a short-application loan product on which a decision was guaranteed within 48 hours, instead of the typical 2-4 weeks. This was marketed with a series of direct mailings and multiple appearances at small business-oriented trade shows.

While the campaign cost approximately $250,000, the entire cost was recouped in less than six months via net revenues (fees and loan spreads) obtained from the solicited prospects.

Ohio Regional Bank

Working with the Columbus LOB head of Retail banking on developing a reliable household profitability model, we uncovered the following previously-unknown facts by manipulating internal data:

  • Retail banking obtained some 115% of its profits from just 6% of households
  • The most profitable households were not those with high-balance loans or deposits, as many surmised. The real profitability lay in low-balance households who paid minimum payments on credit cards, or incurred penalty fees on a variety of accounts.
  • Huntington Bank was losing substantial numbers of high-balance households annually. These were second and third-generation customers whose parents were served well by the Private Banking division, but who were themselves ignored because they did not yet have substantial assets. Upon inheriting monies, these beneficiaries were prone to transferring the relationship to another bank where they had been better served.

The solution we implemented involved identifying some 15 promising retail bankers from the branch system. Under mutual guidance, these bankers were put into an intensive training program including non-retail products, lending concepts, business development, and the like. They were then assigned portfolios of emerging wealth households, and placed under an incentive program to seek out and expand relationships with similar households. The numerous tactics included specialized premiums and thank-you gifts, mandated verbal and written contact points, personal data bases for details on their clients, segmentation approaches, and compensation based upon incremental balances and profitability achieved.

Five Banks, Baku, Azerbaijan:

Under contract with USAID, I was assigned to work with 5 banks in a former Soviet republic on a number of marketing issues that would allow them to thrive as foreign capital dwindled. Research and discussion rapidly revealed a number of problems:

  • complete lack of knowledge about their customers, and consumers in general
  • no formal training for marketers in research, segmentation, advertising, or other pertinent marketing tactics
  • no tracking process for deposit or loan promotions
  • mismatch of loan vs. deposit maturities
  • no accountability among Bank officers for any results
  • few new customers
  • no profitability system
  • deposit interest rates of 20-25%

and many others.

The solution for this, administered over a period of 12 months, included the following tactics:

  • training of 4 marketing departments on concepts of marketing research, advertising, and data capture
  • development of marketing CRM criteria for the IT administrators
  • creation, administration, and oversight of focus group and general consumer usage and image research
  • joint analysis of said research
  • based upon research findings, creation and implementation of
    1. new deposit products to encourage retention instead of early withdrawals
    2. credit cards linked to deposit balances
    3. direct marketing campaigns, based on various customer segment needs
    4. internal incentive systems for new business
    5. ongoing customer satisfaction surveys
    6. tracking of inquiry and complaint topics at all points of contact
    7. prototype program for mobile (cell phone) banking
    8. simplified ROI model for pricing deposit offerings
    9. revised/enhanced web sites
    10. full array of materials to allow future personnel to be similarly trained

Creation or review of 400+ marketing/business plans in the last decade.

Three years of pro bono mentoring of candidates for 2nd round financing from National Science Foundation.

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