Private Data and Information Sites

Guerrilla Marketing – How to do it right at a low cost.
Direct Marketing Assn. – Tips on 1 to 1 marketing.
Demographics – Research and new concepts in the field of demographics.
Electronic Frontier Organization – Tracking and fighting threats to free and open electronic communications.
Charity Watch – Independent evaluations of charities that are requesting your donations.
2000 Specialized Search Engines – Perhaps some of these niche sites would work better than Google or Yahoo in some circumstances.
Financial Sites – 101 fun and informative blogs dedicated to finance and the “best” financial sites available.
Bankweb – A free guide to personal finance.
CD & Loan Rates – from Bank Rate Monitor.
SCORE – High quality, free advice from the Service Corps. of Retired Executives.
Advertising Age – Up to the minute advertising news and trends.
Domains Available – Check to see if that new site name you want to launch is already being used.
Fast Company Magazine – Excellent advice for emerging businesses or solo practicioners.
Weather Forecasts – Will you be snowed in at Duluth tomorrow night?
Discussion or mailing lists – To find the newsgroup or mailing list best suited to your needs.
Movie Reviews, etc. – For your weekend relaxation.
Ideas (small business) – A good entrepreneur discussion and idea site.
Amazon Books – Over 1,000,000 titles, including many of those hard-to-find business and personal books.
Business database – Sales leads for business-to-business endeavors.
American Marketing Association
Business Marketing Association
American Numismatic Association – Everything you might want to know about money.
American Bankers Association
The Economist – Probably the best magazine in print today.

Government Data and Information Sites

President – Up to the minute press releases and data from the White House.
IRS – Questions, answers, forms…you name it.
House – Write to your Representative or check on the status of legislation.
Senate – Write to your Senator or check on the status of legislation.
Census Bureau – All of the official statistics to help you plan your company’s future.
Federal Communications Commission. – What is occurring regarding legislation on telecom issues?
Library of Congress
Consumer Info Center – Information for your personal life. View the sources free, since your taxes have already paid for it.
FDIC – What’s new in the world of money?


Baku Musings – Personal ruminations on my 2008-9 project in Baku, Azerbaijan as a Deposit Mobilization Advisor with BANKWORLD, INC.
Yerevan Musings – Comments and pictures from my projects in Yerevan, Armenia, in 2010 and 2011.
Tbilisi Musings – Comments and pictures from my projects in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia, in 2010 and 2012.
Hanoi Musings – Comments and pictures from my project in Hanoi, Viet Nam, in 2011 and 2012.
Geocaching – A fun hobby that will lead you to places you have never dreamed of seeing.

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