Our Marketing Philosophy


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  • Marketing has just one purpose – to move prospects closer to buying your goods or services. Awards, glitz, and the like are extraneous to this goal.
  • Marketing does not have to be expensive in order to be effective and meet your goals.
  • Focusing on a few core competencies and target audiences will be more efficient than trying to be everything to everybody.
  • Virtually all marketing efforts can, and should, be tracked for effectiveness in generating sales, positive perception, and net profit.
  • Consistency in marketing is more important than being the loudest or most visible.
  • The elements of a marketing campaign, or a series of campaigns, should be coordinated in style and substance to ensure that a consistent, cohesive message is received by the target audience.
  • Many cost-effective promotional strategies exist outside of mainstream media, but are not fully utilized by most companies. This creates competitive gaps which can be exploited.
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