Why use a consultant?


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  • Manage Workflow
    To help you manage and control the inevitable ebb and flow of marketing demands and opportunities. Stratamar helps you take advantage of unexpected opportunities without distracting your permanent employees from their current tasks.
  • Add Expertise
    To rapidly obtain expertise and advice in an emergency or in an unfamiliar industry.
  • Fill Experience Gaps
    To fill gaps in the experience of your management team. For example, you might not currently employ full time marketing personnel, or none with 30+ years of experience in marketing services.
  • Control Costs
    As a low-cost method of finding and utilizing years of marketing experience without adding to your future permanent payroll. You pay only for those services needed and utilized.
  • Objectivity
    To ensure objectivity when evaluating an opportunity.
  • Mentoring and Training
    To train and mentor newly-appointed marketing officers and personnel. Often, some expert guidance consisting of just one day a week for a short time may help substantially in increasing the knowledge level of an associate who is new to marketing duties.
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